Jewelry Description Sample

I have a special connection with hand made jewelry that speaks to me when I see it.  Below is an example of jewelry descriptions that are super affordable and have boosted sales on Etsy for jewelry owners.  I have a customer connect formula that I use to match unique jewelry to its customers.


Abalone Barrettes
Description by Red Raven Writes:
Compassion. Beauty. Love Everlasting.
The radiant diverse spectrum of colors in your life’s journey can easily be celebrated with one clip.  This particular species of abalone, PAUA, is all natural – no dye – and will simply mirror a depth of your inner rainbow.  PAUA is found exclusively in the coastal waters of New Zealand and is the way to carry the seas magical mystery with you.


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Girls & Pizza

I like to hang out and cook with people who share my level of creativity and attitude who don’t need to follow recipes. 

For this reason I like to teach creative cooking at Girls Inc for teenagers. 

While making pizzas with the girls I learned a couple things about girls and pizza:

1. They love making pesto!

2. They don’t love vegan cheese.

3. They work well in teams.

4. They love music while cooking.

5. They hate doing dishes.

All in all, the girls got to excercise their pizza muscles and I got to emphasize how to use color to make your pizza pop.

Win. Win. For everyone.

Cook imperfectly. It counts. 


Rachel is a Certified Food And Spirit Practitioner and helps people find peace, ease, and fun with meal times. Follow this blog by clicking the “follow” button on this page and inserting your email address. 

God Is A Chocolate Bar

The following is a journal entry dated 2/19/13 during my journey in a food addition 12 step program.  Enjoy!


Dear God,

I regret to inform you, although you know full well, I’ve mistaken you for a gigantic dark chocolate candy bar.  I normally don’t even care for chocolate.  I know you’ve already established I’m the worlds only woman who doesn’t car for chocolate, which is why its so disturbing that I’m choosing chocolate to communicate with you.  But I ate it in the car after snatching it from the freezer.  It was the only binge item fo rme to consume left in the house.  After all you know Ive been weighing and kind of measuring-ish (you know this term right?) eating like a fucking rabbit, during scheduled eating times, and now I just sick of it. Done.  Had it.

Yesterday at a birthday party at a persons house who apparently doesn’t mistaken large portions of food for love, I decided to keep this chocolate bar tucked away in the freezer, as like the logical suffiencent loop hole alterntaive way to cake.  You know I hate admitting this as I write it a part of me has to admit how not so brilliant I am at finding loop holes hiding shit from you.

I know how dissapointed in me you would be if I broke the rules blatently so I concluded that lying to you deceitfully instead of directly was the best approach.  No?

So here I am in the car.  Me and this giant chocolate bar.  Yesterday I felt so powerless at the party with cake.  Codependency seemed to be at all time high with people pleasing, worry, and regret as background music.  I began getting resentful, worried about how to end a friendship I just realized as toxic that day, and a food plan leaving me to feel like it was not big enough to carry me through my emotions.

Can you see now why I have chocolate in the corners of my mouth smeared into my fingertips and forearm?

I’m so happy you took me to the only place I would find you again. My happy place here in nature where I can surrender to your power and even if I can’t at least I can be humiliating powerless me with your birds bopping around my car.  They don’t judge me.  Even though the phone was once again the size of a brick the minute I pulled into the park and breathed in creation I at least felt a little compassion for my humiliating lack of control.

I’m calling my sponsor now and plan on attending a meeting, chocolate in the corners of my mouth and all.


I wish so badly I could recover perfectly for you but all I have to offer now at thi smometn is praying for the willingness to surrender…again.  Damn it.


I love you endlessly and will try not to beat myself up over what I’ve done.  I see myself as you see me more often each day.  I know you will not give up so neither will I, K?


Your Love Child.



Dinner At Home. Its More Important Than You Think. Here’s Why.


Pssst. Did you know every time you answer the question, “What’s For Dinner? There’s Nothing to Eat” without stopping at the grocery store, restaurant, or using a recipe from a cookbook you ignite a potential burning inside waiting to be called a Master Chef?

Obsessively and relentlessly pursuing the art of taking inventory of what groceries you have and creating something out of nothing from home lends its way to a culinary spark of confidence that could possibly radiate your soul and help you to slice and dice other life challenges in the process.

Rest assured, making dinner at home can give you more than just a few bucks in your pocket and improves family relationships, although this alone is good enough reasons to boil the water.

What life shift does your soul crave?

• Do you want to lose weight?

• Do you want to improve our finances?

• Do you want a fulfilling career?

• Do you want to nourish out an addiction?

• Do you want to heal from painful childhood memories?

The process of cooking dinner at home and using only what you already have to create dinner out of what may seem like “nothing” unleashes an inner creativity you could not otherwise see glowing within you.  Once your get confidence from one area of your life that is do-able it will eventually spill over to that area of your life you feel lost in.

Take weight loss for example.

Common excuses for weight loss usually go something like this:

• I don’t have time.

• I don’t have the right equipment.

• I cannot afford the services or equipment needed.

• I have such a long way to go. It’s hopeless.

• It’s too expensive.

Daunting goals of personal transformation illuminate once you experience something inside you glowing furiously; undiscovered relentless brilliance, even if its just mastering boiling water.

Stepping into the kitchen and cooking to your ability, in your own way, is culinary training wheels for self-discovery  and confidence, that when repeated, will spill over into mastery in other areas of your life.  Guaranteed.

Woman cookingLet the kitchen show you how brilliant you are through salad dressing. Yes. Salad dressing. The salad dressing you made up from jam, olive oil, and vinegar when you ran out of your favorite bottled brand. When you accidentally burn the garlic bread and encouraged yourself to make Cajun croutons instead of mentally beating yourself up for making a mistake and throwing them out. These are examples to remind you that your attitude in the kitchen may take your further than you think. In fact,

if you can’t stand the heat of life – get your butt IN the kitchen

Lessons of self-care, forgiveness, fun, creativity, and hope in changing your life can be found right under your own roof, lingering in the air, and unleashed the moment you answer, “What’s For Dinner? There’s Nothing to Eat”.

The more you make dinner at home the louder, more confident, and sometimes cocky your Inner Master Chef grows. Pretty soon your Inner Master Chef tells your Master Life Chef exactly how to lose weight, recover from a job loss, tackle that addiction, and heal painful childhood memories by using what you already have to create results out of nothing.

So why not start tonight? Do you know what you’re having for dinner? If not, I invite you to use what you have to inspire you. I am not a nutritionist, dietitian, or personal trainer. I’m just a certified human being whom has transformed just about every aspect of her life including a 60 lbs weight loss, reinvent in a new career, and living in alignment with my true calling so I can be happy (really content, fulfilled, happy) using the principal of culinary confidence.

It didn’t happen over night.  It happened one meal at home at a time by answer the only question I could at times, “What’s For Dinner? There’s Nothing to Eat?” Turns out it was exactly the answer I needed to transform my life. Eating dinner at home these days not only saves me a few bucks, and gives me quality family conversations at the table, but it helps me throw up my oven mitts when life decides to heat things up.


If you’re ready to get serious about transforming your life but just don’t know where to start, try these 3 steps to leverage dinner at home to empower your life now:

1. Take inventory of what you already have in the kitchen. Pull spices out of the cupboard while you cook, throw away expired ingredients, and say out loud, “I have 4 cumin’s. That’s interesting”. This is the first step in training your brain to see what you already have every time you’re in the kitchen. No need to take half a day to take inventory. Take inventory as you cook.

2. Look at what you have differently. Looking to have pizza night but don’t see that you have any crust? How about rolling out a piece of bread as a tasty crust or how about seeing a tortilla as a thin crust? Practice looking at what you have differently by asking any ingredient, “What else could you possibly be used for?”

3. Affirm and commit that you are in the kitchen to make dinner and you’re not leaving until something magical happens. Grab a pan, start dicing onion and bell peppers even if you’re unsure as to what the end result will be. Step first in the kitchen then have faith that inspiration will bite you to create something brilliant. OK. If not brilliant, at least something eatable.

Dinner empowerment may just be the miracle you’ve been looking for. Small, fun, teeny tiny incremental steps in the kitchen can add up to turbo amounts of confidence outside the kitchen.

Taking inventory of what you already have in your life can help may help you lose weight like it did me, looking at what you have differently in your life can help you mend broken relationships with loved ones like it did mine, and affirming and committing that I have an inner strength can help you re-invent an entirely new career and life just like it did me.

If not, at least you got a healthy nutrition home cooked meal out of the deal. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what your Master Chef is cooking up for your life.

DSC00606Raven, a free spirit expressive, is committed to a life of peaceful fulfillment at all costs.  She currently resides in the Bay Area, California and can take flight in a moments notice to follow her heart.  

Her home is where all emotions are freely expressed, deeply nourished, safe, and secure.  

She is a coach, freelance writer, creative ideas entrepreneur, and loves sunshine.  She lives on organic apples and almond butter and writes in her pajamas.  

She loves to cry and coddles her heart when bruised or broken so she can jump into love recklessly once again.  

She struggles to be nourished by financial sustainability being more dedicated to her heart than to things, even though she LOVES luxury.  If you’ve been touched by her stories, writing, and heart I invite you to express financial gratitude to a free spirited expressive soul by placing your contribution here.  Raven began her life as Rachael when she had a deep spiritual awakening that lead her directly into the kitchen.  Read her published story here that inspired her to change her life after a culinary spiritual awakening.


Written January 8th, 2015 in my journal, I had just packed 2 suitcases and left a luxury life in Florida to sleep on my sisters floor to follow only a feeling of something “missing” in my life but didn’t know what it was.  At the time of writing this,  I was sick of never feeling clear on where I belonged or what my purpose was.  I didn’t feel a clear path of purpose was carved out just for me – so I collapsed one evening from trying to figure it all out.  These are the words of that collapse.

The Surrender to Nothing

I have nowhere to be, no where to see

No desire to choose, no win no lose  

It is what it is.  I am what I am

Contentment is my wide open clam

No job to grow big, no flower to grow wild

Waiting doesn’t work for my inner child

No need to play, no need stay

And no obligation to have a nice day  

If ever lost not knowing where I’m going

I ask one deep breath which way things are flowing  

I am what I am.  It is what it is.  

Now is in my toes, it’s nobody’s biz

Ask all they will, people need to know

Are you here or there – where will you go?  

Not knowing is my known, skipping is my friend

These answers are mute when there is no THE END

Peek-a-leek-a-loo, I play hide n seek with my heart

Twinkle moon and stars tell me where to start

But wait.  There is no where to start and no where to go

I look down to catch my nose running after toes

I can be the vine to beg up at the cloud of what to be

And get angry with the dirt for not setting me free

I can wish upon a star for a magic pillow car

To take me to fancy places like a Vegas Buddha Bar

But I am what I am.  It is what it is.  

I’m here, always here, to suddenly appear

Appear to be real, loved, & content

Cause wherever I am is where I’ve been sent.  


2012-03-22 16.36.18









I have a metric for success in life. When it shows up, it tells me how brilliant I am, showcases my mastery, and reminds me that any deficient area left in my life can be turned around in a big way within a short period of time.


My metric for success is failure.  

That’s right.  Failure. When I’m failing miserably in an area of my life, I know my obsession is now mastery of the contrast and my future therefore holds mastery of it in a very big way.

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I’m addicted to mastering the contrast of failure.


If you’re lucky enough to sulk in the misery in an area of your life that feels like a soggy hot dog bun at best, congratulations!  You’re lucky enough to master the creative formula of success; Failure.  


Right now, amongst my successful life on fire, is a miserably failing bank account and semi-soggy love life.  Who knew success looked like -$64.56 in my bank and a getting dumped by the love of your life?  Really?  {Want to bail me out of a negative bank account balance?  Contribute $64.56 here now.}

How do I know failure, in this case a negative bank account and a soggy love life, is a sure way to unimaginable almost freaky overnight formula for success?


My observations and lifelong research of my successes.  The area I’ve suffered most in and feel most deficient becomes my mastery and my most powerful subject to teach later in life.  Does it suck that historically it’s taken up three decades to master it?  Sure.  The good news is you learn how to do super wicked quick turn arounds once you stop beating yourself up about being a failure in that area.


Let me give some examples.


I struggled with a severe math deficiency for 12 years.  It humiliated and plagued my education.  I didn’t “get” math, no matter how many hours I spent studying it.  I spent what seemed like every high school lunch begging my algebra teacher to please show me again a different way.  I failed my first two algebra classes in college almost dropped out because of it.  Right before quitting, I enrolled in Algebra one last time, expecting to fail again, but did it anyways.  I enrolled for Mr. Boley’s algebra class at Modesto Junior College.  He taught it in a different way, and for some unknown reason, like the matrix, overnight, it clicked.


I received an A in his class and every single math class thereafter excelling in Statistics, Symbolic Logic, Precalculus, and Calculus.  I mastered math because for some unknown reason failure injected me with resilience to endure 10,000 life humiliating failed attempts.


I’ve been addicted to failure ever since as my formula for success.


Next up was intimacy.  


My very first teenage boyfriend abruptly cut things off, ceasing communication out of the blue. He was my first association with love.  I subconsciously declared emotional bankruptcy and considered myself unlovable and a complete failure in ever being good enough to be loved by a man again. My failure fueled a resilience amongst sexual assault, a 13 year violently physically and emotionally abusive relationship, and a life of being rejected in emotionally unavailable partners for 38 years.  Then one day it clicked, I gave up everything I owned, moved across the nation, and took out my retirement to pursue intimacy full time.  


Today, I’ve fallen in love, found unimaginable sexual pleasure, and a wholeness within a community of people that adore me.  I know my purpose, my gifts, and how I want to spend the rest of my life on good days.  I feel loved, wanted, and chosen.  I recently proposed to someone I found as a beloved and waited outside of the gates of the Mormon temple with two orange roses as my most vulnerable moment in intimacy.  


Sure, they didn’t show but but yet again, this failure was my success.  My success in intimacy is loving myself through any disappointments in relationships and loving wildly again. My fear of being alone and rejected in relationships doesn’t keep me from going balls to the wall intimately deep with myself and others.  I live a vibrantly sensual alluring love life, whether I’m in a relationship with someone else or not.


In summary:

  • I mastered math because I failed at it miserably for a decade and a half.
  • I live a wildly passionate intimate love life because my relationships were utter failures.
  • I lost 60lbs naturally and eat whatever I want now because I failed miserably at caring for myself through food.
  • I live my life so passionately as a free spirit because I’ve attempted suicide three times in my life.
  • I know what my special super hero gift is because I spent decades flailing in distress and misery and found myself always writing about it.
  • I enjoy orgasms daily because it took me so many decades to have one.
  • I dance everyday because I felt trapped for so many years.
  • I work 100% in my passion as my career because I failed miserably at keeping corporate jobs.
  • I’ll be rich by the time this article goes viral because right now my bank account is -$64.65.


Failure has always been my blueprint for success.  Always.  Eventually.


But wait.  Does that mean I need to fail to succeed?  


My path certainly is colorful, vibrant, and not boring but do I really need to go through pain to succeed?  


Do I really need to wait until my bank account is negative to be a success?


God I hope not. That’s why I’m sharing this.


I wish someone would have told me reading profiles of success and just having and expecting success was an option. That would have been nice.  I would have preferred that method.  I wish someone would have told me I could make money writing and start my own business instead of accruing $50,000 in student loans and still be lost not know what I wanted to be.  For some reason, I got the humiliating human road map to success.  My hope is that you get the easy cliff notes road map to success.


For the first time I’m exploring success as a road map for success.  Who knew?   You mean I don’t have to work hard, go through hell, and endure pain to achieve life mastery?  Shit.  You mean I didn’t need to lose my virginity in a horse trailer to master the emotions in and around intimacy and love.  Great!  Thanks for the late memo.


You mean success can be downloaded miraculously for no reason and I can just magically make a lot of money by doing what I do naturally, like share embarrassing shit through writing while listening to country music in my pajamas?  




I didn’t get the memo until much later in life so this is why I’m telling you now.


I recommend expecting success just because it’s the natural order of things.  Not because you deserve it, work hard, or need it.  Simply because.  It’s your divinity, your human basic right, because it’s what comes naturally for you.


I recommend expecting success in an area of your life and the expecting it is all you need to do.  You can continue to worry, stress, and work harder in a frantic pace to be a success too.  But while you’re doing that also recognize there are multiple venues to success.  Failure, working your ass off, blood, sweat,  and tears aren’t the only way.  Luck exists. Unexpected help exists.  Angel investors exists.  Inheritances exists. Unexpected romances in the unlikeliest of places exist.  All I’m saying is give them all an equal try by just recognizing failure or working your ass off isn’t the only way to success.


Promise me a part of you will just accept  that even if you’re failing miserably right now in one or more areas, you are successful in other areas of your life, and this area of your perceivable failure is inevitably going to improve because that is the most natural human progression ever.  You’ve historically made failures in the past your success so hang in there while you’re turning this shit around k?


Give yourself a little fucking time and compassion all while expecting miraculous overnight success.  Go ahead.  You don’t have to tell anyone.  It will be our secret.  Expect success out thin air not just struggle.


Expect that skills you lack, you are developing, and your tenacious, resilient, naturally intuitive power are working in the background to turn what feels like a failure now, into tomorrow’s cash cow.


You’re doing it.  Chill out.  Its working.



2012-03-22 16.36.18

Love my writing style?  Want some for your business or personal website?  I’ve failed miserably in all areas of life just so I could write freakish amazing copy like this for you.  Contact me below on my services page if you need juicy words to entertain, educate, or read late a night in your underwear.


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Why “Hi. How Are You?” is A Sales Call Killer and 5 Sales Call Alternatives


Hi. How are you?” is the #1 sales call killer.

It’s overused, thoughtless, and as soon as we hear it we have an answer that is 100% meaningless and inauthentic.

Money, sales, and big deals close when you can stand out.  If you unleash the worlds deadliest sales call killer within the first second of a potential customer, recovery time is brutal.


Instead use the one question that closed $150,000 in sales for me in one call

This juicy $150,000 deal closed because I was able to sink in deeply with my customer as a human within 2.5 seconds using an alternate to, “Hi. How are you?”.

After this break through with instant customer loyalty, I began playing with more questions to ask during sales calls which interrupted the thought pattern,

“This person is about to sell me something”.


Instead of “Hi. How are you?”

Try These 5 Sales Call Questions To Make You Stand Out

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Hi. My name is ______ with ______ Company and I’m looking for the most interesting person who makes the decisions for _________ purchases.

These are some examples to get you started in connecting quickly with customers, but even more engaging and will stop everyone to notice you is how I answer the question, “Hi.  How Are You?“.


Instead of, “I’m good.” next time you get asked, “How are you?” use these answers to stand out, get your foot in the door, and close the deal.

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These small pungent answers work so well because they are out of the ordinary and break our thought pattern with the new intriguing thought, “Wow. Why is he/she so grateful or excited? I need to ask them more“.

Even better these carefully selected authentic terms of how we’re feeling induce our natural compulsion to help other human beings by offering to solve being confused and lost and when we hear someone is inspired, we just want to naturally know what they are inspired about.

It ain’t gotta be by the book.

It ain’t gotta work every time.

It just has to be human and not, “Hi, How Are You?“.

Mix it up.  It’s overused already.

By the way, the one question I asked my $150,000 customer closing the deal in one sales call was, {Click Here To Purchase The Full Article and See This Question} .  She was having boyfriend problems and we bonded in 2.5 seconds and a couple hours later I had a Purchase Order.

Making business a human experience by skipping the mundane expected sales call killing questions, “Hi. How Are You?” will make you stand out as a human again.

And humans love doing business with humans.  Don’t we?


Raven Avery



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Article Specs:      Word Count: 543 – Audience: Men & Women in sales age 25- 55 –  Call to Action: Use this communication to make you stand out so you can sell more product/services.  The questions are very powerful in sales calls and helped me close millions in sales during my publishing sales and marketing career.










Money Makes Me Vomit

MONEYhealing hands

One Woman’s Desperate Journal Entry Shares Her Bank Account Balance and Fear During One of Her Most Uncertain Financial Transitions of Her Life.


God, could you tell me what the purpose of money is again?  Because right now and for most of my life its use is to send singeing pain throughout my body at the very sight of my bank account.  

Doesn’t really matter how big or how small it may be, my bank account makes me want to vomit to be honest.  Why?  Why would you do that when I’ve done so much reading on how its “just paper”, “just money”.  Well if its just money and paper then why does it take giant galactic money business empires to help us manage it or if its just “money” then why do I hate looking at my bank account? That doesn’t make sense.  If its just “paper” then why doesn’t it come manufactured on ribbon wands?  Then I would know how to manage it.  I would know exactly what to do and how to feel about money then God.  I would twirl it hanging from the end of my stick, or as I like to call it, my command center.  I would entertain thousands, maybe dozens of people by spinning it in circles and whipping it from one end of the room the other other to, “Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight”.  I would develop a routine and make people laugh and enjoy life again.    

{Click Here To Purchase This Article Now}

But money is not just paper.  Its not my wand.  Its a rubix cube sent to confuse me and riddle me with enough.  Since I always feel defeated in how I spend my money.  My earliest thoughts of a money as a child was fear.  Holding money in my possession gripping it with fear and certainty that it has already doomed me knowing I was either going to spend it on something frivolous and be pressured to enjoy it at the cost of giving up such precious money, or be forced eat through my soul if I saved it.  Saving was almost worst as either someone would soon discover it and swiftly take it, or worse yet my impulses would wipe it clean in one lick.

I learned from an early age, I could not trust myself with money nor could I possibly ever know how to spend it wisely including how to spend such little funds on building a business.  I have been set up for financial failure and you’ve been there the whole time God so spill the beans yo?  What gives?  What you got up your sleeve with me and money?

You know my situation right now.  You know I’ve worked so hard to get so grateful and with days like yesterday, when you give me a day off my vision board to live in real life, I find I still have to go do the unthinkable.  Look at my bank account. How could my life be so frickin amazing, waking bobbing in the Florida pool, coffee in hand, soul mate bobbing along side me, eat breakfast on the lanai with your birds serenading us once again.  We stopped only to get manicures and pedicures down the street.  Then you end our day meeting friends for dinner beachside while being cuddled by the sunset?  Really?  And then you really want me to check my bank account and ruin all that huh?

I was finally feeling like enough.  Like this was it.  Like my life living it day by day was enough, exactly where I wanted to be and then you send me this book by Dale Carnegie, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” the 1944 edition where when I opened up to a random page you sent him to tell me to “track my finances”.  Really?  Really?  You know we’ve tried to do this before.  Ledgers after failed ledgers, fired from my job for being the worlds suck-iest expense report filer.  I mean why you would have me doing a job that handled hundreds of thousands of dollars is an obvious miscalculation.  I won’t call it a mistake because I know you don’t make those but maybe a recalculation?  I mean otherwise I can’t imagine why it makes sense at all that you would put money, I mean access to half a million dollars, and me in same room in this life. Just sayin.  Me at that position with that company was obviously a severe miscalculation.

Ok. So I get it.  I’m babbling again.  Let’s just get straight up. You know I can’t do a ledge of my bank account knowing where all my money is going everyday because despite Suze Orman’s efforts, its just too much of a defeating emotionally overwhelming experience.  I can however use Neale Donald Walsch advice and combine it with talking with you because that is the only safe way I know how to do it God. I know you won’t judge me and may even knod your head and smile when I buy that totally bargain hot neon pink oversized purse I’m using for a brief case purchase. Only because I know you understand sales.  No, like, 80% off sales.  That was totally you without a doubt.  So here it is.  How about I report to you what I spent the previous day and then I can tell you how I felt about it.  Will that be okay?  Ok.  Breath.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.

I guess I’m realizing by writing you is that I have a whole more attached to purchases I make then I thought.  Shit.  Wonder what Almond milk at the grocery store is gonna do.

For the time being here’s the report on my bank accounts.

Biz Account Account Click Here To Purchase This Article and See My Bank Account Balance At The Time Of This Journal

Reg Checking –

Savings –

My anxiety level on these balances is about  5 (10 being a great deal of anxiety). I should be getting a deposit from unemployment but its never guaranteed. I’m not thinking about “getting a job” again but am willing for whatever you’ll have me do today even if a “job” feels right.  I feel grateful today for all I have.  I’m going get a couple potted flowers for friends today, go to my Course in Miracles class, donate some stuff at the women’s shelter, take an elderly dear friend to lunch, and pick up my engagement ring appraisal, Sally says she wants soup for dinner but I’m not sure we have enough time before we head out to our support group.  

I like what you’ve done so far today with my life God.  Thank you.  Really.  Even though I complain about the same ol crap sometimes day in, day out, you’ve really swelled my heart with gratitude for my life.  

No promises tomorrow though. Tomorrow I may return to the worlds most ungrateful brat but that’s why we created the business we did.  Its what I struggle with the most.  If people only knew.

Do you think I should take the wand with me today?

Desperate for Peace with Money. Send help.


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Loving Yourself Through Financial Hardship


This article was published February 2016 in Transformation Magazine with open copy rights.

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Loving yourse20150709_112214-2lf is easy when you’re lounging on the beach sipping inspiration with enough money in the bank to shop at Wholefoods, but what if you’re caught in financial hardship and you have to choose between a bottle of wine and toilet paper? Can you still maintain your loving thoughts and self care even through the toughest financial lessons?


If you feel like you are walking a humbling financial tightrope or have ever been financially strapped for cash then you know being kind in your thoughts is a challenge.  


Often during financial distress we get so down on ourselves trying to figure out what we did wrong and how to fix it, we start verbally abusing ourselves with thoughts like:


  • Why did I do that?
  • I shouldn’t have bought that!
  • What was I thinking?
  • This is all my fault.
  • I certainly can’t be successful now.  I’m a failure!
  • I’m not attractive to anyone like this. I’m a loser.


Blaming yourself for financial decisions unleashes resentment, regret, and quickly sets you in a tail spin of attracting more of what you don’t want.


How can you stand strong in a loving firm stance in the middle of a financial hurricane?

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If you can manage to love yourself through a financial hardship it makes the difference between a brief financial setback and a recurring theme of financial victimhood.  Indeed, learning the art of loving yourself through financial hardship will be your greatest testimonial to self love.   


Your soul is here and has the strength to stand by your side no matter what during this human experience.  Look yourself in the mirror and accept this loving strength here for you now in your own eyes.   


As crippling as it is to face homelessness, be without food, and stare down the hole of an empty job market, if you are unwavering in your loving self care you will unearth the richest moment of your existence ; having your own back in your greatest hour of need and choosing love not fear.


Furthermore, not abandoning yourself, rather caring for yourself feeds you into the loving arms of the law of attraction offering opportunities of overnight miraculous financial solutions.


To help you keep loving yourself through any financial hurricane, get out your usual self care plan and start creating an altered even more powerful one to catapult you directly over the floodgates of worry, regret, and fear.


Make These 6 Adjustments To Your Self Care Routine to Stand In Love Not Fear During A Financial Hurricane:

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  1. Write it all out – Write out all the disappointments, resentments, anger.  Write out what your current self care activities are and make the following adjustments below.  Write everyday.  Write until the fear is gone.  Writing allows us to get stuff outside of our bodies and onto to paper revealing deep rooted issues at hand.



Just because finances can leave our bone marrow chilled in fear doesn’t mean there isn’t a power greater to offer us relief.  


Financial hardships are only hard when you’re not letting love in.


Let more love in during financial setbacks by using the mantra, “Help me receive miraculous amounts of love right now”.  This is the mantra I use most to offer miraculous financial relief.


Circumstances come up in life.  If it’s not finances, it could be loss of a loved one, a move, or the completion of a relationship.  If life ever starts feeling crazy, self love is your ground zero to get things back up and prosperous again.  Offering yourself loving thoughts and having the sense of knowing you have your back and love yourself no matter what you do or where you are in life is your zip line to empowerment, peace, and love.


In the space of empowerment, peace, and love you can co-create a different financial reality than the one you’re experiencing with your bank account.


Just do one self loving care act now.  Even if it’s looking in the mirror to say, “No matter what.  I got your back!”.


Be kind.  Be loving.  Even in a hurricane.




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